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Flexi-Sync: Flexible systems for heating and cooling

Flexi-Sync is making the district heating and cooling sector more flexible in order to tackle the challenges with a more variable supply and demand of electricity.

The challenges with balancing weather dependent electricity supply with a variable demand is increasing with the integration of more renewables in the energy system. In the Flexi-Sync project 16 partners from Austria, Germany, Spain and Sweden cooperate to identify how the flexibility can be optimized in the district heating and cooling sector, a sector with vast potential to balance the power system.

During the project, a new combined service optimizing flexibility at both supply side (district heating and cooling companies) and demand side (housing companies) will be developed. The service will be tested at the six demonstration sites that are participating in the project.

IVL is participating in the project as coordinator and is also responsible for communication. IVL is also contributing with estimations of the flexibility potential in the local and regional energy systems using for example TIMES-modelling.

Project facts

  • Flexi-Sync
  • Budget: Total: 4,5 MEUR, IVL's share: 5,4 MSEK
  • Financed by: EU, ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems, EU Horizon 2020, grant agreement no: 775970
  • Partners: RISE, Chalmers, Luleå tekniska universitet, Austrian Institute of Technology, NODA Intelligent Systems, Utilifeed, Agrar Plus, Sampol, Borås Energi och Miljö, Eskilstuna Energi, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin, Willhem, Mölndalsbostäder, Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter
  • Period: 2019 - 2022


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