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Life cycle analysis

Life cycle analysis provides an overall picture of how much environmental impact a product has in its entire value chain. IVL performs life cycle analyses on various products and services.

How much environmental impact does your company's products and services have? By finding out where in the value chain the environmental impact is greatest, you can identify what measures need to be taken to reduce it.

It is possible to do life cycle analyzes on all types of products. For example, on packaging, food, electronics, vehicles, fuels, building materials and construction works - but also on services. A life cycle analysis calculates the environmental impact for all emissions and all resource use in the core process, but also for raw material extraction, transport, use phase and waste management.

We have been experts in life cycle analysis since the early 1990s. We perform them daily in various research and consulting assignments, in all industries, such as the forest and process industry, the automotive industry, the materials and construction sector and the manufacturing industry.

We help you to:

  • Calculate the environmental impact in a life cycle perspective (such as LCA, EPD)
  • Make sustainability or cost calculations (LCC) in a life cycle perspective
  • Review LCA calculations and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
  • Implement life cycle perspective in your organization (Life Cycle Management, LCM)
  • Chart climate impact according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • Calculate the effects of recycling, recycling, circular economy or industrial symbiosis
  • Requiring a life cycle perspective in procurement

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