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Environmental data - a knowledge bank for informed decisions

Over the years, IVL has gathered extensive data on emissions and pollution levels in the air, water, and biological material. The data constitute an important basis for decision-makers and continued research.

IVL has been the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's data source on environmental toxin levels and air quality for many years.

IVL is an integral part of Svenska Mijöemissionsdata, SMED, a comprehensive database that houses emission data for air, water, waste, and hazardous substances. We also operate the Ozone Emergency Service (Ozonjouren) on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, a system that alerts to high ground ozone levels. Additionally, we monitor heavy metal precipitation through moss sampling.

In the MAGIC library, you will find information on uncalcified lakes and watercourses regarding acidification. IVL developed the climate account (Klimatkontot) in 2010. This tool for discovering your personal impact on the climate is based on extensive data on emissions from products and services.

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