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Sustainable food chains

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute works with sustainability throughout the food chain, in close collaboration with industry and government organizations.

IVL supports municipalities and other governmental organizations with sustainable, climate-adapted, circular food procurement.

We develop technology and methods for cultivation and processing in tomorrow’s sustainable food production, working with companies, government agencies, and other researchers. We work to improve food management through measures that reduce food waste and save on resources.

The latest news in the food sector

A selection of our practical work in the food sector

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Collaboration to reduce food waste – SAMS

Our collaboration to reduce food waste, known by its Swedish acronym SAMS, is a national agreement in which stakeholders in the food chain collaborate to identify where food waste and food loss arise, as well as their underlying causes. Voluntary agreements have proven successful in other European countries.

En plastlåda med purjolök, fänkål, kinakål och andra grönsaker, fotograferad uppifrån .

Increased donation of food

ndustry, academia and civil society are now working together to investigate obstacles and show good examples and efficient working methods to donate surplus food. This is a contribution to reaching the goal of halving food waste by 2030. The project is to result in a handbook to facilitate food donation for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Research in food

We conduct research and development throughout the food system

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Johan Hulten ivl personal

Johan Hultén

Food waste and resource efficiency

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Elvira Molin

Sustainable procurement and life cycle analysis

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Michael Martin

Life cycle analysis and sustainable food systems

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Maria Ahlm

Food waste and circular flows

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