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News | 2023-04-20

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Rugao Biogas Pilot Project

In the end of March, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for a biogas pilot project now starting up in the city Rugao in China. In the project organic wastes such as sludge and food waste from Rugao City, will be collected and turned in to biogas and provide green energy for the Scania factory in the city.

The project is implemented by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in cooperation with Scania, Rugao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Rugao Municipal Water Group.

In the Rugao Wastewater Treatment Plant, a fully automated equipment, remote monitoring and online data collection and analysis system has been installed and put into use. The pilot will test biogas production from different local organic waste and optimize biogas production with the help of Swedish technology.

“Using biogas, which is made from local sludge, food waste, and other organic wastes, as the main heat source of the factory, will make the factory a part of the circular economy and achieve the carbon reduction commitment of the Scania factory. The project will also enable us to commercialize Swedish biogas solutions for other cities and companies”, says Wang Rui, director at the Waste Resources Department of IVL China.

If the implementation of the pilot is successful, the plan is to scale-up the project, aiming to reduce the carbon emissions of Rugao City and the Scania factory with Swedish concept and solutions. Then sludge no longer will be transported and incinerated from long distance as it is currently, but will be decomposed locally through a bioreactor to generate renewable energy. At the same time Swedish technologies will be promoted in the project as demonstration.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held during a conference themed "low-carbon industry, green industry parks, and sustainable development", focusing on green and low-carbon transformation, looking forward to the development of the cooperation between Chinese and Swedish enterprises, and jointly drawing a vivid blueprint for sustainable development.

The Swedish Embassy in China, the Rugao Municipal Government, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Scania, and other domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as experts from energy and carbon reduction sector, government, and business representatives, attended the event.

For more information, please contact:
Wang Rui, rui.wang@ivl.se

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