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News | 2023-02-10
Indian delegation at Epiroc’s mine in Nacka.

The delegation at Epiroc’s mine in Nacka.

Indian delegation visited Sweden

This week Smart City Sweden, in collaboration with Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and CII – Indian Green Building Council, welcomed an Indian delegation to Sweden for three days. The goal was to identify potential areas of collaboration, share expertise and exchange knowledge.

– There is tremendous power in all industries' journey towards freedom from fossil fuels, and it was clear in the discussions that took place this week. Cooperating and helping each other and other industries to the finish line has characterized this week's intensive discussions, says Lidia Partheni at IVL, Visit and Programme Manager at Smart City Sweden.

The delegation, consisting of representatives from the cement, pulp and paper, and iron and steel industries, visited different cities to learn from Swedish best practices and exchange experiences. The visit also included workshops with Swedish agencies, technical experts and study visits and meetings with Swedish companies and business representatives.

On the first day, the delegation visited Smart City Sweden’s office in Stockholm, where presentations were given on Sweden’s work with innovation and sustainability within the industrial sector. In Stockholm, the delegation received a presentation from Fossil Free Sweden on the ongoing work in the cement industry. They also met with Stockholm Exergi, which presented the work with Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage, as well as Captimise AB, which has conducted carbon capture and storage projects in Europe and the United States for the past 15 years.

The delegation also visited the cities of Falun for the pulp and paper industry, and Luleå for the steel industry. In Luleå, the delegation met with H2 Green Steel and Hybrit; two efforts to make the steel industry more sustainable by switching to hydrogen. In Falun the delegation visited Arctic Paper, a papermaking company with a close to fossil-free production process, with energy supplied by a bio burner and supplementary green electricity.

For more information, please contact:
Lidia Partheni, lidia.partheni@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 66 74

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