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Sustainable water resource management

The lack of good quality and sufficient amounts of drinking water is an emerging problem faced by many regions around the world, even for countries which usually have a good water supply. EU project Water Harmony will develop global solutions which challenges societal changes with new technologies, which increase both quality and quantity of drinking water and meet the increasing demands of water caused by a larger population, climate change and emerging contaminates.

The ambition of the Water Harmony project is to unite competent researchers, end-users, policy makers and the public to develop and jointly demonstrate best practices that are valuable for Europe and beyond by addressing SDG 6 “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”, maximizing synergies and rationalizing resources and efforts.

Nearly infinite access to good quality drinking water has for a long time been the situation in Sweden. However, the low groundwater levels of recent years and the changes in surface water chemistry that can be related to e.g. changed land use, acid deposition or climate change have shown that what has been taken for granted will change and emphasized the vulnerability drinking water constitutes for society.

Ten countries participate in the project with four demonstration projects and seven technology projects. The Swedish demonstration project develops and demonstrates techniques for sustainable drinking water production in Sandviken where models optimize existing water resources in a dynamic and sustainable way.

Water Harmony, Closing the Water Cycle Gap with Harmonized Actions for Sustainable Management of Water Resources, is funded by Formas as part of the international research and development initiative, Water Challenges for a changing world, Water JPI. IVL Swedish Environmental institute is the only Swedish partner in Water Harmony and the project is ongoing until 2022.


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