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Test tubes being filled with coloured fluids by a pipette

Programme organisation

Management and coordination

Programme director:
Richard Lihammar,
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Deputy programme director:
Lennart Bergström, Stockholm University

Deputy programme director:
Ian Cotgreave, RISE

Programme manager:
Hanna Holmquist,
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Programme communicator:
Ragnhild Berglund,
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Management group

The Management group consists of the persons to the left plus the leaders of the work packages:

WP1: Richard Lihammar and Hanna Holmquist,
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

WP2: John Munthe, IVL
Lennart Bergström, Stockholm University

WP3: Ian Cotgreave, RISE
Jonathan Martin, Stockholm University

WP4: Belén Martín-Matute, Stockholm University
Per-Olof Syrén, KTH

WP5: Hanna Holmquist, IVL
Anna-Karin Hellström, RISE IVF

WP6: Anneli Julander, IVL
Lisa Skedung, RISE

Programme Board

Krister Holmberg, chair
Professor Emeritus
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Chalmers University of Technology

Patrik Andersson
Professor in Environmental Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Umeå University

Sara Brosché
Science Advisor, IPEN
(International Pollutants Elimination Network External link, opens in new window.)

Anna Wiberg
CEO, CelluXtreme

Per Ängquist
Director General, Swedish Chemicals Agency

Malin Lindgren, co-opted
Programmes Director, Mistra

Test tubes and other glass containers of different sizes

This programme is funded by:

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