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DynamO research partners

DynamO is a collaborative project between several organizations that work together to develop a management model for invasive Pacific oysters in Sweden. Here is a brief description of what each organization will contribute to the project.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute:

IVL is the main coordinator of the DynamO project and is also in charge of WP1 (developing management framework) and WP4 (evaluation of management methods in high density areas). Åsa Strand is a lead marine scientist at IVL and has a strong background in bivalve research both focused on aquaculture and management of bivalve populations. She has also worked on Pacific oysters since 2010 and has monitored ecological impact and expansion of the species in Sweden. Anna-Lisa Wrange is a marine ecologist and researcher at IVL working closely together with Åsa with applied research focusing on management of bivalve populations and aquaculture. Anna-Lisa also initiated the first surveys of the Pacific oysters in Sweden in 2007.

University of Gothenburg:

University of Gothenburg is in charge of WP2 where the potential for future spread and adaption will be investigated. Dr. Pierre de Wit is an expert in the field of population genomics and transcriptomic data analysis, with skills both in evolutionary biology as well as in bioinformatics. He has worked in several projects on oyster genetics and adaptation to climate change. Dr. Jonathan Havenhand has over 30 years’ experience working with reproductive ecology of marine invertebrates with emphasis on the effects of multiple climate drivers on fertilization success in free-spawning species (including work on oysters).

KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

KTH will contribute to the project by performing the cost-benefit analyses of harvesting and management strategies explored in the project. Linus Hasselström is a researcher in socioeconomic analysis at KTH. He is specialized in applied cost-benefit analysis, valuation of ecosystem services and cost effectiveness analysis in marine environments.

University of Agder:

University of Agder will lead WP3. Ane Times Laugen is professor in marine ecology with expertise in evolutionary ecology, invasive ecology, and sustainable use of marine resources. Ane has long experience working with Pacific oysters both in Sweden and Norway. Molly Regan is a PhD-fellow working with species distribution modelling of Pacific oysters.

Research partners:

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