LCA on NTR treated wood decking and other decking materials

This report evaluates the environmental impact of a wooden terrace made from pressure treated wood (NTR class AB). The environmental impact is compared to alternative materials – Siberian larch, tropical wood (Ipé), Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC), and concrete. The full life cycle is considered (cradle-to-grave). Den här rapporten finns endast på engelska.


An evaluation of the environmental impact of an NTR Class AB terrace construction was done in a life cycle perspective. NTR (Nordic Wood Preservation Council) is an industrial trade organization comprising the wood preservation councils of the Nordic countries. Wood preservation plants which fulfil the requirements set forth by NTR can label their products with the NTR label. This study concerns NTR class AB, for products intended for outdoor use, above ground.

Main focus was on the global warming potential (GWP). All parts of the terrace were considered including foundation and substructure. Results were compared with alternative terrace materials, Sibe-rian larch, Ipé, WPC (Wood Polymer Composites), and Concrete. Of the different terrace alternatives, NTR Class AB showed the lowest global warming potential (GWP) while WPC showed the highest. The full 30-year life cycle GWP of the 30 m2 NTR AB terrace was 172 kg CO2-eqv corresponding to the CO2 emissions caused by driving an average sized car 1433 km.

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