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    Large variations in wood combustion emissions
    Short-lived climate-impacting air pollutants trigger both climate and health issues. Small-scale residential wood burning is major source of these emissions. A study carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers shows that combustion with a reduced wood load and an inadequate air supply results in higher emissions than normal combustion, this is also happens when unseasoned wood is burned.
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    Better air in Chile with the Internet of things
    The Internet of things project LoV-IoT has been exported. In collaboration with Chilean researchers, local public actors and business partners, the connected sensors will measure air and water pollution in the capital Santiago de Chile.
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    A trend break is necessary if road traffic climate goals are to be met
    The transport sector gives rise to significant carbon emissions. Unlike private motoring where policy instruments are starting to have some effect heavier vehicles emission reductions are coming along at a much slower pace, concludes a Nordic Council of Ministers report, co-authored by IVL.