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45 million SEK in reusing of wastewater

IVL and ITT W&WW invest 45 million SEK in reusing of wastewater

The shortage of fresh water is a growing problem in many parts of the world. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, together with ITT Water & Wastewater, is therefore investing a total of around 45 million SEK in R&D in order to develop technology for reuse of treated wastewater.

This innovative work will be undertaken at the test- and demonstration facility Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, which is owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. A number of different treatment stages and systems will be built, based on best available technologies. They will be further developed in different ways, optimised with a holistic approach and evaluated with the help of life cycle assessment methods.

  • "The idea is that we will be able to develop water treatment solutions for municipal wastewater in different parts of the world, to bring the treated water up to water quality levels that make the water suitable for reuse, for example by industry, agriculture, for showering or to flush toilets. Where fresh water is in short supply it is an inexcusable waste to use fresh water for activities that do not require such high water quality." says Östen Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL.  

The project, which will initially run for four years, is a so-called jointly financed researched project, with a budget of more than 20 million SEK. In addition, ITT Water & Wastewater will invest more than 25 million SEK in different treatment components, operations, maintenance etc.

  • "We are making this huge investment in the Hammarby treatment plant because it makes it possible to undertake pioneering research and development. Since the global need for sustainable and cost-effective solutions is enormous, we hope, of course, that we will be able to successfully export our technologies around the world." says Ulf Arbeus, Director Product Development at ITT Water & Wastewater

The background to the R&D venture between IVL and ITT W & WW is the fact that the global water situation is increasingly critical. Water consumption is growing as a result of increasing population, improved living standards in developing countries and migration into cities. At the same time, the availability of clean, fresh water is becoming more and more limited, as a result of climate change, overexploitation of groundwater and other factors. Furthermore, pollution is limiting the possibility to use surface water.  In some parts of the world, the availability of fresh water is unevenly distributed, which leads to increased water stress and the risk of serious conflicts.

  • "There is a huge global need and this is a major export possibility which encompasses everything from system knowledge to technical solutions," says Östen Ekengren.
For more information contact:
Östen Ekengren, osten.ekengren@ivl.se, tel: 00 46 (0)8 598 563 43
Ulf Arbeus, ulf.arbeus@itt.com, tel: 00 46 (0)8 475 67 54
Updated: 2011-09-28
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