Foto: Per Westergård

ITEST - pilot plant in operation 

The partly EU-funded project ITEST has now started a demonstration plant for enhanced nitrogen removal. The goal is to achieve a more efficient nitrogen removal with reduced power consumption even at low influent temperatures. By using excess heat from, for example district heating return, the temperature of incoming wastewater can be raised and hold at a constant temperature. The higher temperature will make it possible to achieve low nitrogen levels in the effluent even at cold conditions. Especially in northern countries like Sweden this is an important issue. Furthermore, a more effective treatment with reduced power consumption. 

The facility consists of two parallel lines, one of which is conventional and the other with preheating of the incoming wastewater by using the heat of the effluent plus excess heat from various sources. Project manager for the EU LIFE project is the municipality of Oskarshamn while IVL stands for evaluation and technical competence.

The test facility is located at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk and can be visited there. More information is available at www.itestlife.eu. There is also a simulator where you do calculations with their own values and can see the advantages of the solution is for the CHP. 

Here Pdf, 949.1 kB. you can download a brief project description.

Updated: 2011-09-21
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