Bengt Hultman received water price 2009

The prize consists of an honorary diploma and a price of SEK 40 000 made available by the Society for Water (Förening VATTEN), SWECO AB and ITT Water & Wastewater Sweden.

Bengt Hultman, Professor Emeritus, KTH Dept. Land and Water Resources Technology has been and is involved in various activities at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk.

The Price Board's reasoning is that Bengt Hultman probably has the most comprehensive understanding of treatment processes in sewage treatment plants in Sweden. For many years he divided his working time between VAV (current Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA)) and the Royal Institute of Technology, as a technical expert on practical issues and present VA-theorist with a special emphasis on nitrogen removal at KTH. At KTH he built up the technical education, creating new courses. Baltic university became a large part of their training. Bengt was extremely dedicated and wrote a number of course compendiums. He established contacts around the Baltic Sea, especially in Poland. His research in recent years have focused on sludge. He has studied the interaction wastewater treatment - sludge quality, the removal of metals, the best way of using sludge as fertilizer, and perhaps the most scientific attention to the phosphorus can be recovered from the sludge. Bengt's services and broad knowledge has continued utilized frequently by various organizations around Sweden.

Updated: 2009-10-19
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