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Sensor development – image and data analysis

IVL's self-developed non-contact sensor is tested in a test bed for sensor development. The test bed includes a 4-meter-deep well to mimic conditions on the sewer and stormwater network. It is possible to dilute wastewater with tap water to different concentrations to create conditions for easy calibration and validation of different sensors. The sensor now being tested uses image and data analysis to measure turbidity and liquid level in the well without having contact with the water itself. This is a great advantage as it reduces the maintenance of the sensor.

One application we have identified is predictive maintenance of a city's sewer and stormwater network. Within the EU project SCOREwater (https://www.scorewater.eu/), we are currently evaluating 6 sensors in the city of Gothenburg. Predictive maintenance based on the sensor can lead to the following benefits:

  • Increased capacity, which leads to less environmental impact and fewer floods
  • Fewer manual inspections, which saves time / travel and creates fewer traffic disruptions
  • Longer service life of the sewer network as flushing is only carried put when needed
  • Improved basis for planning the renovation of your pipe network
  • Faster response through real-time measurement, which can reduce emissions or avoid floods

Indication for performing predictive maintenance is accessed using:

  • Turbidity in combination with level over time, which gives an estimate of the load or deviations in the network.
  • Image analysis that replaces manual inspection of wells

Contact: Sofia Lovisa Andersson, 010-7886658, sofia.lovisa.andersson@ivl.se

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