Reuse of treated wastewater

Resource efficient and safe reuse of wastewater

- now also for beer brewing (see below)

Together with Sweden's largest environmental technology company Xylem, have we been working for many years to develop wastewater treatment systems for safe reuse of wastewater for different purposes. The purified wastewater achieves a quality that allows the water to be indirectly reused as drinking water through, for example, infiltration into groundwater and then taken out as groundwater.

The concept allows for a holistic approach to several environmental problems we face in Sweden such as declining groundwater levels, water shortage, saltwater intrusion, poorer quality of raw water sources, etc. Treatment systems for the reuse of sewage for industry or irrigation in agriculture have also been developed.

Health aspects and end user safety are important aspects, and the overall environmental impact of these purification systems is lower or equal to the impact of today's WWTPs as micropollutants are removed and natural water resources are saved. The costs of the resuse systems are also below the costs of todays WWTPs.

We continue to develop these systems to achieve even more resource-efficient systems for a sustainable future.

PureWater Colorado project that uses solutions from the Reuse-project (Xylem(Youtube))

Treatment combination Ozone & GAC-Biofilter

(Here Xylems Oxelia, developed at Sjöstadsverket) 


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