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Collaborations with us at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk can vary in extend and form of cooperation. Here is a brief description of what we at Sjöstadsverket can offer companies, research groups and others involved in water treatment/environmental technology.

Besides of supporting  the development and demonstration of future water and environmental technology at  Hammarby Sjöstadsverk there are several other ways for both the development and exchange of knowledge and technology through the facility:    
  • Collaboration: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have both a long and strong tradition in the development and implementation of projects in water treatment and environmental technology. Companies also have the opportunity to get state funds for initiatives designed to pursue issues that are of great interest to industry and which have general relevance to society. Further, our collaboration with the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association might be important for the implementation of collaboration projects.
  • Research: IVL and KTH are two leading research actors engaged in basic and applied research also in collaboration with various stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. By IVL / KTH experience, our partners benefit from international financing and research and co-funded research supported by the state.
  • Product development: Sjöstadsverket itself and its owners IVL/KTH offers huge potential for development of new products from concept to reality. This includes basic and applied research on different levels.
  • Tests: Sjöstadsverket is constructed in a way that makes it very well suited for testing of new technologies and innovative practices in water treatment and environmental technology. The facility allows a flexible control and interaction with the various water treatment and sludge handling processes.
  • Demonstration: One of the objectives of the facility Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is to demonstrate future water purification techniques. For our partners, this means that the facility ensures an optimal display of projects, new technologies, processes, etc. to a wide audience with particular operational staff and politicians / officials of the water / environmental engineering, both from Sweden and abroad in connection with study visits.
  • Exhibitions: In cooperation with the Stockholm Environmental Technology Center (SMTC) and Hammarby Sjöstad project is offered primarily to the views of experts / managers in the water treatment and environmental engineering field. There is great interest from both national and international sources and Sjöstadsverket receives hundreds of visitors each year. In addition to experts and researchers are also investors / companies, and officials / politicians among the visitors.
  • Education: Sjöstadsverket offers opportunities for education and training of, for instance, operating staff. In addition, both KTH and IVL have their own highly developed educational and information organizations.
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