Photo: Per Westergård

Guided tours and demonstration

Many national and international groups with different backgrounds and professions are visiting the facility. Also collaboration partner take costumers to the plant for demonstration. This page shows a selection of the groups who have visited the facility.

  • Polish Ministry of the Environment
  • Water/wastewater-officials from Russia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, China, Thailand
  • Xiamen Low Carbon Study Group (China)
  • Wastewater-consultants/experts and investors from Russia
  • Moldavian delegation of companies and the Embassy
  • Chinese delegation of experts and companies
  • Delegation of Italian companies and universities
  • Stockholm water prize winners
  • Delegation of the Moldavian president and his government
  • Wastewater-consultants/experts from Paris, France
  • SUEZ Environment delegation
  • Municipal waste/wastewater-consultants/planer from Bangalore, India
  • Water/wastewater-related officials from Moldavia and Romania
  • Representatives from China Gas Association & Beijing EnergiNet, Beijing, China
  • Chinese officials from Guangdong-province in southern China
  • Architects, decision makers, planers from Chile
  • Representatives from various companies visiting EUROPUMP
  • Delegation from Cagliari University, Sardegna, Italy
  • Delegation from the Russian embassy including the ambassador
  • Delegation of Japanese companies from Hainan Hairan
  • Delegation from South Africa (via SIPU International & Sida)
  • Experts, consults and officials from different regions in France
  • Experts from water and wastewater operations from different Swedish municipalities
  • Delegation from Poland with the polish Minister of Environmental Protection
  • Delegation from the Embassy of Iran
  • Wastewater-consultants/experts from Paris, France
  • Wastewater-consultants/experts and investors from Portugal
  • Delegation from the Embassy of India
  • and many, many more...
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