Foto: Torbjörn Larsson

Main areas

The project proposals that are considered to be most relevant for Swedish water treatment and that will be discussed and implemented with various partners can be divided into different key areas. Within each area the most current research issues are listed. These are or will be considered by various projects.

Resource effective water treatment
Includes the optimization of existing treatment processes, process control and measurement technology, but also the treatment of side streams. Increasing demand for emission reduction and stable operation means that many plants need to optimize their existing processes. Process management and online measurement systems are becoming increasingly important for optimizing and controlling water treatment processes. Concentrated side streams of the purification process as for example sludge, reject water, etc. are suited to extract clean products for recycling. Various projects can be implemented considering the various treatment processes available at Sjöstadsverket and the opportunities to do research on optimization and measurement techniques.

Energy and climate
Includes an increased production of energy from wastewater/sludge through intensified biogas production, fuel production and recycling of waste heat. Some effects of  climate changes also require some adjustments to existing treatment plants. This includes aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions from treatment processes and resource-efficient water purification. Biogas production is one of the most important research issues being discussed in Cleantech Sweden. To maximize the extraction of biogas has been and is a major part of research conducted Sjöstadsverket.

Complementary water treatment (polishing)
Although the effluent water from wastewater treatment plant is considered to be clean, additional polishing steps may be required to remove e.g. metals, pharmaceutical residues, personal hygiene products, and pathogenic microorganisms. This also requires the development of new innovative processes and techniques as well as reviews of various existing products in water treatment to meet more stringent water quality targets or to enable the reuse of wastewater.

Sewer system
Here projects are included that are related to both the sewer system and pollution sources. Flow variability and the emission of pollutants from certain activities and industries are the main cause for stops or problems in treatment plants. Sjöstadsverkets lines allow the investigation of effects of different substances on different treatment processes and to find appropriate solutions.

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