Phone: +46 8 634 20 27
E-mail: info@sjostadsverket.se
Henriksdalsringen 58 (map)
SE-131 32 NACKA

Manager/Activity Coordinator
Christian Baresel
+46(0)10-788 6606

Foto: Torbjörn Larsson


A management team has the overall responsibility for operation and project activities. This group is led by Östen Ekengren (IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute) and Vladimir Cvetkovic (Royal Institute of Technology). Also representatives from universities, water and wastewater industries, and others interested in R&D within water treatment will be included in the group. In order to satisfy the stakeholder needs for R&D there is also an R&D board. The following persons are currently part of this board.

  • Ulf Andersson, Swedish EPA, (chairman)
  • Daniel Hellström, Svenskt Vatten, (vice chairman)
  • Glen Trickle, Xylem, (member)
  • Lars Gunnar Reinius, Stockholm Vatten, (member)
  • Carl-Olof Zetterman, SYVAB, (member)
  • Peter Larsson, Sveriges Ingenjörer, (member)
  • Ronny Arnberg, Borlänge Energi, (member)
  • Ulf Arbeus, Wallenius Water, (member)
  • Olle Hammarström, SMTC/SET, (member)
  • Östen Ekengren, IVL
  • Vladimir Cvetkovic/Elzbieta Plaza, KTH

Extension of the board will be made as needed and will reflect the key stakeholders and funders of Hammarby Sjöstadsverk.

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