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The map shows those countries that Sjöstadsverket has a collaboration with. Collaborations may consist of ongoing projects, Master and/or PhD-students, and collaboratiing companies/organisations.

Collaboration map

The world map below shows those countries that Sjöstadsverket has a collaboration with. Collaborations may consist of ongoing projects, active Master and/or PhD-students, and collaboration companies/organisations .

Sponsors and collaboration partners

Is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of water, wastewater and drainage pumps, monitoring and control equipment, products for filtration and disinfection and related services. The company completed its spinoff from ITT Corporation in 2011.
The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers
Sweden's largest network for graduate engineers. The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is a strong association with major drive and resources to put to good use.
Svenskt Vatten
The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA)
Represents municipal water and wastewater companies in Sweden. Its members deliver drinking water to and takes care of wastewater from more than 8 million people. This means that they are Sweden´s most important producers of victualities and environmental companies.
Stockholm Vatten
Stockholm Vatten
Is a municipal company that supplies water to more than one million people in the Stockholm region. Stockholm Vatten owns and operates networks for water supply and sewage treatment, pumping stations and water reservoirs in Stockholm and Huddinge.
(southwest Stockholm region water companies) Is a regional shareholding company owned by municipal water companies in the southwest greater Stockholm region. SYVAB runs the Himmerfjärdsverket that takes care of the wastewater from central Stockholm in the north to Järna, 70 km further to the south.
Käppala Association
The Käppala Association treats wastewater from over 500 000 inhabitants in eleven municipalities located north and east of Stockholm. Our treatment plant, the Käppala wastewater treatment plant, is Sweden´s third-largest, and employs a very effective treatment process.
Stockholm Cleantech SMTC
Is a new operative node for many companies and private/public organisations in and around Stockholm. Its roots are in the high-level knowledge and green awareness that makes the development of environmental solutions easier in Sweden than elsewhere.
Europeiska kommissionen
Borlänge Energi
Delivers tap water, electricity, district heating and broadband access to the inhabitants of the town of Borlänge (200km N of Sthlm). BE also runs the municipal wastewater treatment plant, collects and takes care of the municipal waste and manages the town´s streets, roads and green areas. Environmental issues have the highest priority - BE has one of the newest waste to energy facilities in Sweden.
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VA-Kluster Mälardalen
VA-kluster Mälardalen is a Swedish research and education consortium within the water and sanitation area. The members are universities in the Mälardalen region (Uppsala University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Mälardalen University (MDH)), Lund University (faculty of engineering, LTH), six wastewater utilities in Mälardalen and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
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Cerlic develops, manufactures and implements measuring and control instrumentation that makes industrial and municipal processes more efficient.
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