Phone: +46 8 634 20 27
E-mail: info@sjostadsverket.se
Henriksdalsringen 58 (map)
SE-131 32 NACKA

Manager/Activity Coordinator
Christian Baresel
+46(0)10-788 6606

Foto: Per Westergård

About Sjöstadsverket

Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is the center for Sweden's leading R&D activities in the field of wastewater purification. Sjöstadsverket, which is located on top of Henriksdals WWTP in Stockholm, has been built up by Stockholm Water AB when the town quarter Hammarby Sjöstad was under expansion. The total amount invested was about 34 million and the official opening of the facility was held in October 2003. The facility is a project of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Since January 1 2008 all research at the plant is performed by a consortium consisting of IVL and KTH. Sjöstadsverket facilitates a long-term cooperation between researchers, municipal WWTP and the industry.

The facility with the possibilities for tests, demonstration, analyses, etc. is used for education, including degree projects and collaboration with national and/or internationally scientists. The activities at the facility contribute to more effective technologies/methods as well as to the implementation of new sustainable technologies/methods that reduce the climate impact and resource use in WWTP. Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is established as a reference/demonstration facility and meeting point for Swedish wastewater purification technology that contributes to maintain and develop competences and skills in wastewater purification which leads to a substantial increase in the export of Swedish environmental technology.

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